Adventure Medical Kit Mountain Series

  • Ultralight Pro First Aid Kit
    Developed for and used exclusively by Yosemite Mountain Guides, the Ultralight Pro kit is now available for retail sale. Ideal for any outfitter, guide, trip leader, or mountaineer who needs to travel light, fast, and watertight in the backcountry. Professional-grade components include a Laerdal® CPR Mask with O2 valve, SAM® Splint, and deep stock of bandages, dressings, and medications. A pull-out Ultralight / Watertight .9 kit lets you keep weight to an absolute minimum on summit trips.: 1-10 people. Trip Duration: 1-7 days.  Size: 10.25" x 7.5" x 7.5". Weight: 3 lbs. 11 oz. 

    Fundamentals Kit
    The Fundamentals kit is the popular choice for backcountry guides, medium-size groups on short outings, or small groups on extended trips. The extensive components selection includes supplies to treat a wide range of injuries, irrigate wounds, stabilize sprains and fractures, and manage illnesses. Featuring Easy Care™ organization, contents are organized by injury along with specific instructions enabling anyone to administer first aid quickly and confidently. Group size: 1-8 persons. Trip duration: 1-14 days. Size: 9" x 8" x 5.5". Wt: 2 lbs. 5 oz. 

    Guide I
    This kit is designed for outdoor professionals with either Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT), Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) certification. The Guide is designed for situations when seconds count. Each color-coded injury-specific pocket contains a wide range of supplies to treat backcountry emergencies on the spot. Component highlights include a Laerdal® CPR mask with O2 valve, stethoscope, SAM® Splint, Glutose® Gel, and a SAM® Splint. A 600-denier nylon bag with water-resistant zippers and urethane clear-view windows with -28 C cold crack rating is guaranteed to withstand the toughest environments. Group Size: 1-12 people. Trip Duration: 1-14 days. Size: 11" x 8" x 7.5". Weight: 4 lbs. 9 oz. 

    Comprehensive Medical Kit
    The Comprehensive kit set the standard for backcountry medical care over 20 years ago and continues to do so today. Group leaders will find everything they need to care for a large group on an extended trip in easily accessible, injury specific compartments, thanks to the Easy Care™ organization system. Key features include a fold-out organization panel for medications, a detachable Ultralight / Watertight summit kit featuring DryFlex™ technology, and supplies to treat basic and advanced illnesses and trauma, including: Glutose Gel, dental repair items, a scalpel, oral rehydration salts, a sterile scrub brush, and numerous bandages and dressings. Group size: 1-14 persons. Trip duration: 1-28 days.  Size: 11" x 7" x 4.5". Wt: 3 lbs. 2 oz. 

    Mountain Medic II
    The Mountain Medic is a purpose-built portable hospital for professionals who require gear they can depend on in all conditions. The outer bag is a fully-featured lumbar pack with a padded, adjustable waistbelt, tough 600-denier nylon exterior fabric, and ultra-durable #10 zippers. Polyurethane clear-view windows with a -28 C cold-crack rating make it easy to locate kit contents in unforgiving environments, while a range of supplies, including oral and sal airways, scalpel, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, and CPR mask provide the foundation for professionals remote medical care. Trip duration: 1-30 days. Size: 16" x 10" x 8". Weight: 6 lbs.

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