Platypus Gravityworks Filter System

  • Easy, fast, pump-free filtering. Filters 1.5 liters per minute. UItra-compact and ultra-lightweight- weighs as little as 7.2 oz. Backflushes in four seconds in any configuration you choose, maintaining optimal performance with no additional parts. Proprietary Platy™ zip opening makes collecting water easy. The 2L Filter System comes with a filter cartridge, Push/Pull cap adapter, and universal bottle adapter. Option of creating your own system using your own bottle or reservoir. Replacement filter cartridge and Carbon Element available.

    • Filter Cartridge: effective down to 0.2 microns and meets EPA Guide Standards for the removal of bacteria and protozoa. Approximate filter life of 1500 L depending on quality of water filtered.
    • Push-Pull Adaptor: exceptionally light and easy to use, the Push/Pull Adapter allows any GravityWorks™ system to filter directly into any Platy bottle fitted with a Push/Pull cap. For filtering directly into your hydration reservoir, simply remove the blue end and plug the white adapter directly into your hydration hose or shutoff valve with the bite valve removed.
    • Universal Bottle Adaptor: allows any GravityWorks™ water filtration system to filter directly into a wide range of hard bottles and hydration systems, eliminating the weight of a dedicated clean reservoir. Its multi-component design lets you take just the parts you need for your vessel of choice to further lighten your load.

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