Guyot Mealgear Utensils

Versatile enough to twirl your pasta and sharp enough to cut the toughest food. The Spreader/Spatula simplifies PB&Js on the run, and it all snaps together for easy packing. Long handles for eating out of deep pots or food packets.

Microbites - Small product, big impact. Each MealGear MicroBites set will carry more than 25 lbs. of verified green house emissions reductions making MicroBites not just carbon neutral - but carbon negative. A fun, 'micro' version of the original utensil set. Features 5-in-1 utility: spoon, fork, knife, spatula and spreader. With less than one ounce (22g) of high-temperature, nylon polymer, Microbites can withstand up to 450°F (232°C) and at 6", it can nest into most camp cookware sets.

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