DSG Wrist Gaiters - Closeout

The DIVA-TECH Wrist Gaiters are a great way to keep the snow and cold from creeping into your jacket and gloves. The DIVA-TECH Wrist Gaiters will keep your wrists warm in the separation between your glove and your sleeves. The DIVA-TECH Wrist Gaiters are equipped with a thumb hole, to keep the wrist gaiters in place. Engineered using the DIVA-TECH moisture-wicking technology, it is designed to quickly transport perspiration away from the skin to the outermost portion of the fabric, leaving the skin warm and dry. The DIVA-TECH base layer sleeves are form fitting, using 4-way stretch to hug the body, but it not a compression fit. At a weight of over 8 oz per square yard, this polyester/spandex fabric is heavier than most base layers on the market, enabling it to retain more heat. Although this product is by far superior for moisture management and warmth, best of all, it has an incredibly soft and luxurious feel. This product is recommended for zero to 50 �F. One size fits most. 1 pair.

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