DSG GMax GM11 Helmet

  • Divas Outerwear is proud to release this brand new graphic on the GMAX GM11 snowmobile, dual sport, or ATV helmet! This helmet will do it all and can be wore in all seasons. It comes from the factory with a dual snow shield that can be pushed up to stow away so you can wear a goggle off road or on the snow trail. The helmet includes side plate covers to use when the visor is removed to give it a street motorcycle helmet look. A single lens is available for warmer conditions.

    Features -
    Lightweight thermos-plastic poly alloy shell
    Large eye port that accepts large goggles
    Roomier jaw area for increased comfort
    Eye port trim has integrated roost deflector
    Larger bottom opening that allows for increased comfort when putting on and removing the helmet
    DOT Approved

    Venting -
    Industry leading 17 vents
    Maximum air flow is achieved through the shell Styrofoam and comfort liner vents
    Tw0 shell sizes with three Styrofoam sizes for comfortable fitting

    New Material Styrofoam inserts -
    Additional support inserts are located between the cheek pads and the shell
    Increased comfort and outside sound reduction

    Plush removable, washable liner and cheek pads -
    Allows for adjustable fit and comfort
    Removable liner for easy cleaning
    Removable and washable cheek pads
    Special shaped ear pockets and comfort liner for maximum comfort
    High flow venting
    D-ring and retention snap that secures excess chin strap length

    New Visor -
    Fully adjustable
    Flexible and vented visor designed for maximum vision and venting

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