Camp Chef 2-Burner & Pro Accessories

  • Fry Griddle
    The 15 x 16 inch Deluxe Fry Griddle features restaurant style high sides and convenient grease drain. The added heat diffuser plate to the bottom distributes heat across the entire surface and reduce "hot spots."  This flat-top griddle comes with the Camp Chef true-seasoned finish, so it's ready to use right out of the box.  A grease cup holder is included with the griddle. Cooking dimensions: 14" x 16". Product dimensions: 15" x 16". Weight: 18 lbs.

    Flat Top Griddle
    Make pancakes and eggs for breakfast and fajitas for lunch with this Professional Flat Top Griddle.  Covering two burners, it is large enough to cook for the hungriest of crowds.  This griddle is built with Camp Chef’s even heat design to minimize hot spots when cooking.  Cooking and cleaning is easy because of its restaurant style high sides and convenient grease drain.  Pre-seasoned with a "True Seasoned Finish," this griddle is ready to use out of the box and has a natural cooking surface.  Dimensions:  14" x 32"  (Cooking), 16" x 32" (Overall).

    Reversible Griddle
    The cast iron BBQ Grill & Griddle is a useful innovation that allows any chef to maximize space, time and effort by offering two reliable products in one.  Healthy cast iron is recommended by professional chefs for its ability to retain warmth and evenly heat.  This massive 14 x 16 inch unit fits conveniently over one burner of any of the Camp Chef single, double, or triple burner stoves.  It is portable enough to take anywhere but works great even at home on your kitchen range.  Create gourmet meals with ease on your Camp Chef pre-seasoned reversible cast iron griddle.

    Professional Griddle Box
    Camp Chef's unique grill systems use infrared technology, internal heat-diffuser plates improve cooking quality, eliminate flare-ups, and instantly vaporize drippings.  A pre-seasoned cast iron grilling surface holds and distributes heat consistently, cooking your meat more evenly.  The BB30L covers one burner and is designed to fit most Camp Chef one, two, and three burner stoves. Cooking Surface: 14" x 16". Height: 8". Weight: 19 lbs.

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