Brunton Axiom Battery Charger

With so many of todays essential electronics eating through their battery, Axiom Universal Battery Charger steps in to keep the juice flowing no matter what. With adjustable charging prongs, the Axiom UBC is compatible with most any removable battery for cell phones, smart phones and digital cameras. Add to that the ability to charge AA/AAA renewable batteries, and integration with Bruntons array of 12v solar panels, the Axiom will keep your power-hungry gadgets up and running off the grid.

  • Compatible with Brunton 12v Solar Panels and battery packs like the Explorer 20 or Sustain2
  • Adjustable prongs fits wide range of rechargeable camera and phone batteries
  • Charges renewable AA and AAA batteries
  • Charge protection prevents over-charge
  • Reverse discharge diode prevents battery discharge
  • 4x2.5x1" when closed
  • Weight: 5 oz

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